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Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a Crews Control Crew!  Here at Crews Control, we work with the best crews worldwide and we look forward to the possibility of adding your talent to our team!

Before you begin...
In order to successfully complete this application, you will need the following forms for upload: resume, contact information for three references, equipment list, and U.S. crews will also need proof of insurance (general liability and workers' compensation).

You will be unable to submit your application unless all required fields are completed.  Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).  Due to amount of content required for this application, it is not recommended that you complete this application using your mobile device.
What is it like to be a Crews Control Crew?

Many of our crews say it's the best thing they have ever done to grow their business!  Crews Control is the world’s leading crewing agency representing the best and most creative camera people worldwide. Our client list is vast and global including most Fortune 500 companies, various associations, government agencies and broadcasters who turn to us on a daily basis to handle the coordination of their location shooting. We bring our crews exciting and varied work from clients outside of their normal geographic area, therefore expanding their marketing base globally.

Crews Control represents Directors of Photography worldwide who have a minimum of 10 years of professional experience and own their own gear including a broadcast quality camera (HD is required with a minimum being a Sony EX or Panasonic P2 camera).

Our clients’ most common request is for our standard 2 person crew which includes a Crews Control Approved Director of Photography, an Audio Technician, 4 to 10 Arri lights or comparable light kit, tripod, HD field monitor, cables, batteries, 4 channel mixer, boom/shot gun mic, 1 wired lavaliere, 2 wireless lavalieres. Additional gear/personnel or changes to the basic package may be requested by a Crews Control Production Manager as needed. Additional crew positions are the responsibility of the Crews Control Approved DP or Production Company to subcontract on behalf of Crews Control.

As a Crews Control crew, you will have the opportunity to work with Crews Control clients who are based worldwide. Once you are approved for representation by Crews Control, our Production Managers will contact you for shoots in your local area.  All booking, contracting and billing takes place through our Crews Control system.  Our production managers will confirm your standard rate and upon invoicing Crews Control a 15% Crews Control commission will be deducted from your standard rate card rate.

Not all crews, no matter the years of experience or gear owned, are invited to become Crews Control crews. It is nothing personal; we are simply looking for the perfect blend of creativity, work experience, personality and on-location customer service that our clients have come to expect when working with a Crews Control crew, anywhere around the world.

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Resume *

We will need a resume/CV for the DP being submitted for representation.  This resume must include a dated employment history.  Dates must be included on resume for review.  A list of credits is nice, but we are checking to see that each camera operator has been employed as a professional camera operator for a minimum of 10 years.
Equipment List *

We need an equipment list demonstrating ownership of at least one broadcast quality camera package and listing the equipment you include in your standard ENG kit.  HD is required with the minimum being a Sony EX or Panasonic P2 camera.

2 person ENG crew includes: Camera operator, camera, 4-10 Arri lights or comparable, tripod, field monitor, cables, batteries, Audio Technician, 3 or 4 channel mixer, boom/shot gun mic, wired lavaliere, wireless lavaliere
What is your full day 2 person crew rate with your principal camera in U.S. dollars? (10 hours portal to portal) *Please Note: When quoting a full day 2 person crew rate, a standard 2 person crew field package should include a broadcast quality camera (HD is required with the minimum being a Sony EX or Panasonic P2 camera), 4 to 10 Arri lights or comparable light kit, tripod, field monitor (on HD shoots please provide a broadcast level HD monitor), cables, batteries, 4 channel mixer, boom/ shot gun mic, 1 wired lavaliere, and 2 wireless lavalieres along with the camera personnel and audio tech. *

What is your half day 2 person crew rate with your principal camera in U.S. dollars (5 hours portal to portal)?

Please feel free to provide any additional rates (1 man band rates, alternative formats, etc.)

Demo Reel *

Submit an individual demo reel for each camera person showing a representative sample of his work. Most of our clientele is corporate, so we must see demos with sit-down, indoor interviews that display the camera operator's lighting skills and original audio.  We do not accept music montages. Also, please include examples of your hand-held work.  If the aforementioned are not on your demo, we will not be able to review it.  Additional materials are welcome to establish a well rounded view of the camera operator, but aren't necessary.  The demo reel should be a link to a permanent website.
Demo Reel

Please include any additional demo reel links here.
Are you located in the United States? *

Insurance (U.S. Crews Only) *

We require all of our US crews to carry General Liability Insurance of one million dollars or more.  With your application, please submit a copy of your current Certificate of Liability.  Once accepted on to our approved vendor list, you will need to supply Crews Control with a copy of the certificate listing Crews Control as the 'Certificate Holder.'  This wording will need to be arranged through your insurance agent.  An updated certificate will need to be submitted on a yearly basis.

There are no exceptions to this requirement.  If you are unable to upload an insurance certificate at this time, please submit your application when you are able.  Applications submitted without valid insurance will not be reviewed.
Workers' Compensation (U.S. Crews Only) *

Crews Control requires all crews to carry Workers' compensation insurance in accordance with the regulations of the crew's state.  Be aware that you will be asked to hire additional crew members on Crews Control shoots, so even if your state does not require you as a sole proprietor to carry Workers' Compensation, you will need to make sure you are fulfilling any state requirements for subcontracting the other crew members.  Please submit the applicable certificates.  If you are not required by your state law to carry Workers' Compensation for yourself or subcontracted employees, please include a signed and dated letter on your letterhead stating that fact and explaining what the state regulations are for your state.
If you carry automobile insurance, please upload the insurance certificate here.  Automobile insurance is not required, but is occasionally requested by our clients.

References *

Please submit at least 3 references that include full names, physical addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.  If you are applying through a production company, your references must be people outside of the production company.  We will contact the references and ask them about the camera operator's professionalism, interview lighting skills, and framing.
How did you hear about Crews Control? *

Thank you so much for your interest in Crews Control!

We are excited to review your application! After a full review, we will be in touch with you in regards to your approval status.  If you have any additional questions regarding the Crews Control new crew approval process, please contact Debbie Camper at

Thank you again!
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